Steven As A Service (SAAS)

Unhappy with your marketing efforts and spending? I come and fix things and check in to make sure things stay on track. From long term strategy planning to week-to-week planning.

👷 Advisor

€497+VAT per month.

I prepare your strategies and tell you how to implement them.

  • Data analysis
  • Tailor made strategies
  • Implementation planning
  • By-weekly meetings

🚀 Team Member

€1499+VAT per month.

I join weekly meetings with your grow team, help plan in detail the action plan and and answer questions asynchronously on Slack.

🎓 Entrepreneur in Residence

Starting at €3000+VAT per month.

I put my OCD at work and give you input in all areas of your business, train or create teams and much more.

Unsure yet? Book a free discovery call or hire me for one hour